“Use of Shot Coke as An Anode Raw Material”

Light Metals, 2009, 985-990

By Les Edwards, Franz Vogt, Mike Robinette, Ric Love, Anthony Ross, Marilou McClung, R.J. Roush, and William Morgan.

With the aluminum industry’s rapidly growing demand for anode
grade petroleum coke, supplies have become very tight and the
industry has started using cokes not considered suitable as little as
five years ago. Shot coke is available in large volumes and is
currently used for fuel and TiO2
applications. Rain CII Carbon
and Century Aluminum started a project in 2004 to explore the
use of shot coke and other isotropic cokes for anode production.
The project was intended to address anode grade coke shortages
being felt by the industry today. This paper summarizes the
laboratory and plant test work completed and makes a strong case
for routine incorporation of these cokes into anode blends.
Depending on how it is used, shot coke can improve properties
such as anode density and it offers a lower cost calcined coke in
today’s world of escalating raw material costs.

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