“Responding to Changes in Coke Quality”

9th Australasian Aluminium Smelting Technology Workshop, Terrigal, NSW, Nov 5- 9, 2007

By Les Edwards.

Changes in the petroleum refining industry over the last several years are impacting the
quality and availability of anode grade petroleum coke for aluminium production. Based
on global aluminium forecasts, the industry will need an additional eight million tons of
anode grade green coke by 2011. Although plenty of additional petroleum coke will be
produced around the world, much of this will be higher in metals and sulfur and lower in
density than traditional cokes. The paper presents a review of how the industry is
adapting and can continue to adapt to these changes. Examples of process changes
already implemented or under development are presented along with suggestions for
future development. Topics such as sulfur and metals removal and production of anodes from low density coke are addressed. A review of work on alternative sources of carbon is also presented. The paper is intended to highlight the multifaceted approach the calcining and aluminum industry will need to adopt to deal with future changes.

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