Rain CII Encourages Haiti Help

KINGWOOD, TX — Requests from Louisiana employees prompted Rain CII Carbon LLC to send donations to two international aid associations this week, with efforts continuing for possible additional donations from workforces across the state.

“Many of our company’s employees were devastated by the effects of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in recent years, and the impact of the adjustments from those events is still being felt in many households,” Rain CII Chief Executive Officer Gerry Sweeney said. “Those disasters were immense, but for the people of Haiti, their current situation is even more devastating. The world responded when Louisiana needed help, so we feel it’s our responsibility to do the same. We hope other industry leaders will do the same.”

Employee assistance efforts at the four Rain CII plants in Louisiana, located in Gramercy, Chalmette, Norco and Lake Charles, are continuing. The Rain CII corporate office sent a $1,000 donation to American Red Cross and $1,000 donation to Doctors without Borders on behalf of its team members.

Rain CII is the world’s leading producer of calcined petroleum coke. Rain CII produces more than 2.4 million tons of calcined petroleum coke, which is used in the aluminum industry.

In addition to producing calcined coke, Rain CII uses heat recovery to produce steam and electricity generated from the calcining process.

Rain CII is headquartered in Kingwood, Texas; Stamford, Connecticut; and Hyderabad, India. Rain CII’s operating facilities include nine CPC plants with US operating locations in Louisiana (4), Mississippi (1), Illinois (1), and West Virginia (1) and affiliated operations in Visakhapatnam, India (1) and Zhenjiang, China (1).