Rain CII and Rütgers Launch New Blog Suite

KINGWOOD, TX — MARCH 14, 2014 — With the launch of our new blog suite, leaders from across the Rain CII and Rütgers global network weigh in on the challenges and opportunities facing our industries today. We take a fresh look at a spectrum of topics that interest people who make their living in industry.

Readers will find exciting new executive commentary on the way industrial companies should approach their responsibilities to customers, partners, consumers and the world. Top leaders from Rain CII and Rütgers will share four pages to express their views on: addressing Environmental Responsibility, the relentless search for Technical Excellence and innovation, and using Resourceful Human Relations to create win-win environments for employees and employers. On our Carbon & Chemical Conversations page, our CEOs open up on topics as broad as energy, the environment and employee success.

Our vision is to create a forum for vital, ongoing discovery of what it means to be, and what is required of, a modern industrial company. We will face and inspect the challenges and opportunities that come from pursuing new ideas and solutions, being aware of global issues, anticipating our industry’s future and developing talent.

Over time, others from across our industries will join Rain CII and Rütgers executives on these pages. This breadth of leadership and sharing of ideas will ensure we reach our vision. We hope you enjoy the journey with us.