"Property Profile of Lab-Scale Anodes Produced with 180°C Mettler Coal Tar Pitch"

Light Metals, 2011

By Winfried Boenigk, Claudia Boltersdorf, Falk Lindner, and Jens Stiegert

The PAH-induced toxicity of coal tar pitch decreases with increasing softening temperature. The use of high-melting pitches is however restricted due to operational challenges. One critical limitation is high-temperature mixing. Temperatures up to 300°C were now realized using a newly developed EIRICH mixer. A 180°C Mettler binder pitch resulted in lab-scale anodes having a higher baked density (+0.04 g/cm3). Electric resistivity and air permeability are reduced whereas compressive strength and Young’s modulus are increased. The significantly lower baking loss allows a faster carbonisation process in the low temperature range, potentially increasing the throughput of baking furnaces.

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