"Pilot Anode Testing of Alternative Binder and CPC Raw Materials" Light Metals, 2015

By Winfried Boenigk, Claudia Boltersdorf, Christopher Kuhnt, Jens Stiegert, Les Edwards, and Marvin Lubin


The value of pilot anode testing for evaluating raw materials, anode recipes, and mixing/forming changes has been well documented in previous studies. Since early 2013, Rütgers and Rain CII have invested significant effort into developing an new pilot anode facility at Castrop-Rauxel, Germany. With the ability to mix and form paste at temperatures up to 300°C and bake anodes at temperatures up to 1300°C, this new facility is now being used actively across a wide range of carbon raw material R&D projects. Pilot-scale anode results will be presented to expand on previously reported work on low-PAH binder systems along with tests on different quality CPC raw materials. The good reproducibility of the pilot anode process allows better correlation of raw material properties and processing parameters on anode quality with a well targeted testing program.

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