"Mg0-C-Bricks Produced in a Cold-Mixing Process Using a Graphitic Binder System"

Stahl & Eisen 2004, v.124, issue 13, p.46-51

By Winfried Boenigk, Christoph Jacob, Dirk Schnitzler, Jens Stiegert, Christos G. Aneziris, Dmitry Borzov, and Joachim Ulbricht

A two-component binder system was developed to produce Mg0-C-bricks in a cold batch process. The binder system comprises a liquid carbonaceous binder and a high-melting carbonaceous resin powder. Both components are graphitizable thus leading to an anisotropic carbon system resistant to spalling and oxidation. The system combines the processing advantages of a resin-based binder and the high performance of a pitch based binder. The newly developed binder system complies with the stringent requirements of German workers protection regulations as outlined in TRGS551. Lab tests are completed and the system is ready for industrial trials.

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