“Improving the Repeatability of Coke Bulk Density Testing”

Light Metals, 2011, 947-952

By Les Edwards, M. Lubin, and J. Marino.

The “Pechiney” mercury apparent density test was used by the
aluminium industry for many years to measure the density of
calcined petroleum coke. Over the last five years, the industry has
moved away from this test for occupational health and safety
reasons. The current alternative tests are based on vibrated or
tapped bulk density. The value of measuring bulk density is
reduced by poor reproducibility due to differences in equipment
and sample preparation. This paper reviews different bulk density
test methods and presents repeatability data on a new method for
measuring bulk density. The method is based on automated
equipment which uses transverse axial pressure to measure bulk
volume. The new equipment shows improved repeatability
compared to existing equipment and can also be used to measure
envelope density which eliminates intra-particle porosity
problems associated with bulk density tests.

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