“Improving the Precision and Productivity of Green Coke Volatile Matter Analysis”

Light Metals, 2012, 1267-1272

By Kevin Hon, Jim Marino, Les Edwards, and Marvin Lubin.

Volatile matter (VM) analysis of green petroleum coke is an
important measurement for determining the calcination behavior
and properties of calcined coke. Green cokes with high VM
(>12%) are more difficult to calcine and result in a higher porosity
and lower bulk density in calcined coke. This paper will review
current methods for measuring the VM of green coke based on the
ASTM quartz method, the platinum crucible method, and the
macro thermo-gravimetric (TGA) method. Detailed experimental
results comparing the quartz crucible and macro TGA methods
are presented in the paper. When used in combination with a high
speed rotor mill, automated TGA equipment offers significantly
improved speed and precision, as well as the capability for
simultaneous measurement of ash and moisture contents.

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