“Evolution of Anode Grade Coke Quality and Calcining Technology”

10th Australasian Smelting Technology Conference, Launceston, Tasmania, Oct 9-14, 2011

By Les Edwards.

The outlook for anode grade coke quality continues to be challenging and this paper will
provide an update on the situation since the last Australasian Smelting Conference in 2007. The boundary between anode grade coke and fuel grade coke is no longer clear and the paper will give examples of the types of cokes being used in anode grade coke blends today. The world is short of low sulphur, low metals coke relative to the growing demand from the aluminium industry and this situation will get worse due to fundamental changes in crude quality and refining economics. The rapid rise in anode grade coke prices over the last few years underscores the supply/demand imbalance. The shortage of suitable quality coke is driving the industry to accept a wider range of coke qualities. The paper will discuss the reasons for decreasing coke bulk density and what the calcining industry can do to address this problem. Shaft calciners offer one solution and shaft calcined coke is widely used by Australasian smelters. The pros and cons of this technology relative to rotary kilns are discussed in detail.

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