“Calcined Coke Round Robin 19 and the Precision of Bulk Density Tests”

Light Metals, 2013, 1063-1068

By L-P Lossius, Marvin Lubin, and Les Edwards.

Round Robins (RRs) are useful for laboratories to benchmark performance against other labs. RR19 was a collaboration between Rain CII, Hydro Aluminium, and R&D Carbon and was organized after the special session on coke bulk density arranged by TMS and ASTM at the 2011 TMS Annual Meeting. Five calcined coke samples representing a range of chemical and physical properties were prepared and sent to 28 laboratories around the world. A key objective was to compare the repeatability and reproducibility of different bulk density and apparent density methods. The paper discusses the organization of RR19 and presents a statistical analysis of the following quality parameters: S, V, Ni, Fe, Ca, Si, Na, P, real density, Lc, VBD, TBD, and Hg apparent density. In a companion paper, the properties of bench scale and pilot scale anodes produced with the cokes are presented along with correlations to coke properties.

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