“Anode Quality Improvements at the Valesul Smelter”

Light Metals, 2003, 535-538

By Gustavo Franca, Carlos Mesquita, Les Edwards, and Franz Vogt.

Valesul Aluminio S/A is a 93,000 tonne per year smelter located
in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Historically, Valesul has
used a low sulfur petroleum coke for anode manufacture. In a
drive to improve anode quality and performance, Valesul started
an experiment in 2001 to evaluate the cost and potential benefits
associated with using an alternative, higher sulfur coke. The
paper describes the methodology and results of a four month plant
trial which simultaneously produced low and high sulfur anodes.
High sulfur anodes were sent to the east side potline and low
sulfur anodes to the west side. Improvements in both anode
quality and potline performance demonstrated the significant
benefits possible when switching coke qualities in a smelter.
Valesul is now evaluating the capital cost and return on a project
which would increase its coke storage capacity and allow it to run
with a blend of low sulfur and high sulfur cokes.

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