“An Examination of the Difference Between the Platinum and Quartz Crucible Method for Petroleum Coke Volatile Matter Determination”

AIChE Spring Meeting, New Orleans, March 10-14, 2002

By Keith Neyrey, Maia Hunt, and Lynne Falk.

The measurement of volatile matter is important in determining whether green petroleum coke is acceptable for non-fuel applications that require the material to be calcined. Volatile matter contents above 12% are undesirable since they produce low bulk density calcined petroleum coke product. This paper defines the differences between ASTM methods D4421 and D6374 for measuring volatile content of green petroleum coke. ASTM D4421, which requires use of platinum crucibles in an upright furnace, has been used by the industry since 1984. ASTM D6374, which allows use of quartz crucibles in a muffle furnace, was approved in 1999 and is already used by some commercial and coke calcining laboratories. It offers significant benefits over the platinum crucible method including improved repeatability and reproducibility and lower equipment and labor costs.

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