“A Tool for Predicting Anode Performance of Non-Traditional Calcined Cokes”

Light Metals, 2005

By Keith Neyrey, Les Edwards, J.A. Ross, and Franz Vogt.

The supply of traditional calcinable green coke is not meeting
demand, so calciners have been using green cokes that were
typically sold in the fuel market. In order for calciners to more
thoroughly evaluate non-traditional green cokes with higher
sulfur, impurities, and volatile content, a simple microscopic
method was developed to make an empirical determination of
coke quality. Microscopic analysis of calcined coke is not a new
technique, and many papers have been published on the subject.
Sophisticated software and equipment have been developed to
perform such analyses. The simpler method used in this study is
economically feasible for a production laboratory. This work
describes the microscopic analysis of a number of traditional and
non-traditional cokes. Bench scale anodes using these same cokes
were prepared and evaluated for critical properties. These
properties were correlated to the results of the microscopic
evaluations and other common coke quality measurements.
Comments about the performance of these cokes in anodes are

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