“A Preview of Anode Coke Quality”

Light Metals, 2004

By Franz Vogt, Bob Tonti, Maia Hunt, and Les Edwards.

Demand for petroleum coke for aluminum smelting anodes
reached about 10.4 million metric tons in 2003. This created a
coke calciner demand of 13.8 million metric tons of green coke
suitable for making anodes. The green coke demand will increase
to about 16.7 million metric tons by 2007. Although the oil
refining industry will produce ample green coke to meet this
demand, the quality will be quite different from that used in the
past. During the last few years, the calcining industry has begun
using green cokes of a quality that would not have been
considered suitable for anode use ten years ago. This paper
surveys the available quality of green cokes worldwide, and
makes projections on the quality of anode coke by 2007. The
calcined coke of the future will be higher in sulphur and
vanadium, higher in porosity and more isotropic. The change in
structure could eventually lead to higher thermal shock sensitivity
of anodes. Smelters will need to adapt by making process changes
and improvements.

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