Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Rain CII is committed to quality at all levels – in the products, technical services, and partnerships we provide for our customers and suppliers, in the ways we view and manage our impact on the environment, and in the climate and culture that we offer our employees.

Rain CII has had an ISO 9001 registered quality system in place since 1993 and it is strongly embedded in our culture. Our Quality Policy, to which every one of our employees is committed, provides standards across our business to ensure we deliver consistent quality to our customers, suppliers, employees, communities, and owners. The objectives of our Quality System are to consistently provide products that meet customer requirements, to enhance customer satisfaction, and to continuously improve the system. Paired with our Building Blocks for Success, Rain’s Quality Policy and Quality System provides our organization with a comprehensive program for being a first-rate partner to our corporate associates and a first-rate employer to our team members around the world.

Our Quality Policy

Rain CII is committed to meeting our employees’ and partners’ needs in the following ways:

  • Specified Requirements – Provide products and services that conform to specified customer requirements.
  • Preferred Supplier – Be a preferred supplier to our customers.
  • Employee Training – Be a well-trained and results-driven work force.
  • Continuous Improvement – Continuously and measurably improve processes.
  • Supplier Relationships – Establish relationships with suppliers to obtain optimum raw materials.

One Standard of Quality – One Rain CII

Rain CII’s Quality System is registered under ISO 9001:2008. All areas of our business are covered in the quality system, specifically safety, environmental, raw materials acquisition, operations, and financial management. Our commitment to quality is based on fully satisfying our customers’ requirements and continuous improvement within all aspects of our business.

Standards for the way we operate – across all areas of our business – to ensure we deliver consistent quality to our customers, partners, employees, and communities.