Rain CII and Rütgers Combine to Meet Future Carbon Related Challenges

Ruetgers Group

Powerhouse partners serving the carbon industry

Rütgers and Rain CII are industry leaders with stable histories, long-term supplier relationships and extensive catalogs of technical papers and patents. Both firms utilize raw byproducts from other industries and transform them into value-added products of strategic importance. Together, they form a global carbon company capable of developing the right solutions for today and tomorrow.

About Rütgers

Rütgers is one of the world’s leading producers of coal tar pitch and also makes more than 200 chemical products for a wide range of industries. Founded in 1849 to treat wooden railroad ties with tar oils, the company now makes products in four categories: basic aromatics, which include products such as coal tar pitch and naphthalene derived from coal tar distillation; resins and modifiers, which include NOVARES resins for specialty adhesive and coating applications; superplasticizers and industrial dispersants used in concrete and other industrial products; and aromatic chemicals including naphthalene, carbozole and other specialty chemicals. In 2013, Rütgers was purchased by Rain CII to create a stronger, more diversified company serving carbon industry customers.

Ruetgers Location Map

Better Together

Rütgers buys coal tar from steel plant cokeries to produce coal tar pitch and chemicals for a diverse range of applications. Rain CII buys petroleum coke from oil refiners to make calcined petroleum coke (CPC), which is the primary source of carbon for anodes used in aluminum production and titanium dioxide produced by the chloride process. For many carbon products, coal tar pitch and CPC are complementary materials that interact with each other during manufacture. As part of the same family, Rain CII and Rütgers can leverage their research and development to deliver unparalleled innovations to the carbon industry.

For aluminum smelting customers, the development work underway at Rütgers and Rain CII has the potential to maximize anode performance, increase productivity, reduce raw material costs and improve environmental performance. These powerhouse companies have the critical mass to support large-scale development that will help the aluminum industry meet current and future carbon related challenges.

Learn more about Rütgers history and products at www.ruetgers-group.com/en.