A partner to the aluminum
industry for over 50 years.

A Partner to the Aluminum…

Since the advent of the Hall-Héroult smelting process in 1886, aluminum has flourished as one of the world’s most versatile and valuable metals. As World War II ended and the consumer-culture boom of the 1950s began, aluminum’s utility and importance skyrocketed and have continued to grow through the decades.

Rain CII’s industrial heritage has been there as partner to the aluminum industry every step of the way. Among our seven plants in the United States, three of them (Moundsville, WV – 1957; Robinson, IL – 1958; Purvis, MS – 1959) date back to the earliest days of the aluminum products revolution. And CII Carbon, from which Rain CII Carbon LLC evolved, was established in 1959 as the Carbon Division of the Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation.

For better or for worse, petroleum products are an indispensable staple of 21st century societies – everything from gasoline and fuel oils to plastics and paints begin with the refining of oil. And the refining process creates a great volume of byproduct, green petroleum coke (GPC), which then requires disposal. It can be burned for energy, which occurs with some environmental consequence; it can wind up in a landfill, which holds greater environmental consequence; or it can be purchased by a carbon calciner to produce calcined petroleum coke (CPC) to support the production of aluminum for a long and far more useful life. This is where Rain CII enters the equation. We are The Carbon Link between the refineries and the aluminum industry. Without CPC, there is no chemically or economically viable means for producing aluminum – one of the most environmentally important materials in the world.

Essential? Absolutely.

With an annual capacity of 2.4 million metric tons of CPC, Rain CII is one of the world’s largest (8% of the global market) and well-established industrial calcining operations. We take that responsibility seriously, and are proud of the ways our product makes the world better. Rain CII is also an industrial recycler on the largest scale, as our product helps create one of the world’s most recyclable materials.

Here are some important facts about aluminum and the ways in which Rain CII plays an important part in a more environmentally sound world:

  • Without aluminum, some of the most essential elements of our society are not possible, such as high-tension electrical wire for energy transmission and aircraft for commercial flight.
  • As aluminum in automobile manufacturing continues to grow, an average vehicle could ultimately shed a quarter of its weight. Lighter vehicles mean lower fuel consumption resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions: for every 100,000 miles driven, that’s a reduction of about 800 gallons of gasoline used per vehicle and eight tons of CO2 emissions. Consider there are more than a billion cars on earth… that’s a lot of gasoline!
  • Aluminum is one of the most efficiently and frequently recycled materials on earth. Seventy percent of the aluminum ever produced is still in use.
  • It is anticipated the aluminum industry will be carbon-neutral by the year 2025.
  • Our calcining kilns produce a tremendous amount of waste heat, which Rain CII is now capturing in energy co-generation systems to produce steam and electricity. This is the most significant contribution we can make in assisting our aluminum partners to achieve carbon-neutrality.

Rain CII’s vision in the industry is simple and has guided our business for a very long time: We aspire to be the world’s most trusted provider of calcined petroleum coke, renowned for delivering quality products safely, reliably, efficiently and responsibly. We have always served our customer partners with quality calcined petroleum coke that makes their products possible. We value and nurture our long-standing and industry-focused partnerships with suppliers and customers alike, and understand those relationships are our very lifeblood.

Rain CII is the calciner of choice for the world’s premier aluminum manufacturers and we provide them with a high-quality product and sophisticated technical services. With an emphasis on quality and efficiently delivering the right products to our customers, our engineers work closely with partners in the aluminum industry to expand the horizons of calcined products – we have patented the use of shot coke to make carbon anodes and are pursuing other innovations that will serve those partners for the next half-century. We understand the future of the aluminum industry is very much our future as well.